Super Emperor 4 x 8 x 16

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Disclaimer: Images are for general color representation only – not size. Clay brick is comprised of natural materials from the ground. As such, each production run may vary from another and may have color variance within itself.


The 8” nominal Emperor was designed to model the look and feel of a stone. These brick are often used as a base course. Although smaller than the 12” x 24” stone or cast stone, the costs are significantly lower. The larger size is the perfect brick for large buildings with long walls like those found in schools, warehouses, government projects, shopping centers, hotels and condominiums. The 7-9/16” Emperor has another advantage. Slots can be extruded into the face during manufacturing to simulate a false mortar joint. This creates the appearance of two 8” nominal Modular brick in the wall at the lower cost of the larger 8” Emperor size. Multiple slots can be added to create different appearing bond patterns. For instance 3 slots gives the appearance of 4 – 4” Modular brick laid in Soldier course. 5 slots gives the appearance of 6 – 2 1/4” Modular brick laid in Soldier course.

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