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Brick Textures

Find the right brick textures look for your next project. From effortless and smooth, to crafted with character. Explore our full line of brick textures below.

Matte – Smooth and lightly pitted texture.
Antique – Highly textured with rough ridges.
Ruff – Deep, wide combed, ridge pattern.
Smooth – Uniform and smooth in character.
Chipotle – Rugged rolling wave appearance.
Scratch – Lightly engraved with thin lines.
Coated – Semi transparent and rich with character.


Matte blades are used to create a nearly smooth and lightly pitted texture highlighting the natural minerals in the clay. Matte’s natural look makes it perfect for any project and is our most requested texture.

Antique Brick Textures

The rough random ridges of the antique brick textures have the appearance of tree bark making it ideal for accents and banding. The same clay in Antique will appear darker than matte. 


Several wires are used to dig down into the face of the brick giving Ruff its deep, wide combed, ridge pattern. This texture is often requested for restoration projects. 


Clay is extruded through a steel die without blades to create a smooth finish, giving the brick a sleek and modern look. Some colors appear to have a sheen in the Smooth texture. 


Fast moving custom rollers create Chipotle’s rugged rolling wave texture, making each brick different in character. Chipotle pops more than any other brick textures.


Several are used to create an engraved impression similar to corduroy. The result is an elegant and subtle scratched look.


The old-world charm of Coated brick gives the impression they have been around for centuries. Different clays are used to create a wet slurry that is applied to the face prior to firing, giving Coated brick its character. Multiple slurries can be utilized to create more color combinations.

Add Dimension,

Add Character

At Interstate Brick, we thrive on our ability to customize and innovate. One of the easiest ways to create signature facades is to customize with textures. Utilize our Brick Wall Designer here to begin visualizing your next project. customization serious and with it the unlimited options for Textures.

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