Brick Colors

Your Imagination Fulfilled


Interstate Brick’s palette includes over 50 colors! With near limitless combinations of textures, shapes and blends to effect the aesthetics of brick, you can customize the look to make your project stand out – or blend in.


Brick is a natural building and paving material that is made from a mix of clay and water that is then baked, or “fired,” in a kiln until hardened.
Different clays produce different brick colors, and there are many to select from. In addition, various natural minerals, coatings or slurries can be added during the firing process to produce different colors, effects, textures and finishes. The firing process and the balance of heat sources in the kiln can affect the final look. Combine these factors with the tonal varieties of mortar and you have an extensive pallet. 

Whether smooth or tumbled, textured, coated or shaped, Interstate Brick products can exceed your design needs. 

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Get inspired with new color trends and blends. Find out how to make your building stand out.